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Jun 22, 2011
Charter services

Marine Spread
Heavy Equipment
  • Crawler Crane Capacity 28 – 150 Tons
  • Mobile Telescopic Crane capacity 70 tons
  • Excavator
  • Rolling Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Forklift
  • Truck Crane capacity

Under Water Services

  • Under Water Inspection
  • Platform Inspection
  • Marine Growth measurement
  • CP Reading & Underwater Installation works

SPM (Single Point Mooring) Total Services

PT Onasis Indonesia has experience to service the rapidly growing need for Inspections, Repairs and Refurbishment of Single Point Mooring systems (SPM ) PT Onasis Indonesia has refined and developed its specialized skills in this field to offer a highly competitive package, consisting of the following activities:

  • SPM Engineering ; Project Management, Conceptual Design and Feasibility, Structural Analysis & Motion Studies, Detailed Design and Verification
  • SPM Removal and Installation
  • SPM Refurbishment ; In-Situ Inspection, Critical Parts Procurement, Repairs & Replacement, Modify & Improvements, Inspection & Testing, and Commissioning
  • Offshore Periodic Maintenance; Check greasing system on main bearing, Maintain seals and valves, Supervision of any necessary repairs and also Change out of sub-sea and floating hoses

Construction Maintenance Services

The coverage of this services is but not limited to:

  • Maintenance work and repair plant
  • Maintenance and repair vessels
  • And all kind of maintenance services like structural, piping, instrument & electrical

Pipeline Services

  • Design & Engineering
  • Fabrication & Onshore Installation
  • Fabrication & Offshore Installation
  • PLEM Fabrication & Installation
  • Offshore Piling works

Engineering Field Development

PT Onasis Indonesia provide EPC services for the following works: Naval Architects, Ship Structural Engineering, Marine Engineering, System Design for Offshore & Onshore Installation Engineering. This services will cover but not limited to design analysis & calculation, preliminary and detail design for construction and Installation which related to plants starting from drilling, loading, offloading, shipping and storage. It will be supported by other disciplines such as diving, structural, piping, instrument, electrical, safety and drafting. Provide marine spread, pipes, valves, flexible hose and underwater survey.

We are committed to the proactive management of health, safety and environment aspects throughout our integrated management system. This policy and the entire management system of PT ONASIS INDONESIA will be regularly reviewed for suitability and effective implementation. I encourage everyone reading this policy to join the PT.ONASIS INDONESIA Team in our commitment to health, safety and environment.

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